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Calling Around….Looking for Work
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One of our policies at Furst for those individuals registered with us who are available and seeking employment is to make sure they phone into our office once a week to let us know of your availability. We also receive calls from individuals who are seeking employment but not yet registered with our company.

There are a lot of people looking for work right now. Unfortunately, there are not enough jobs to offer each person who calls us seeking work. If you scroll through our previous blogs you will see we have tried to offer some suggestions to set yourself apart from the crowd whether it is through interview preparation, job research, networking, or cover letter and resume/cv preparation. 

One thing that strikes me a bit odd is how people conduct themselves when phoning a company seeking work. Perhaps it is because we are a staffing firm/temp agency and they feel we conduct ourselves differently than applying directly with a company. In the past week, I personally have probably talked to 20 people who simply state “I am looking for a job” or “I need a job” or “Do you have any work”. 

Let’s go back to setting yourself apart…in a positive way. If you are serious about your job search, conduct your search in a serious and professional manner. I had no idea whether those individuals calling in where currently registered with Furst. I don’t know their name. I don’t know what type of work they are seeking. We speak with a large number of people each day and I cannot recognize every voice….some yes.

Whether you are calling Furst, another staffing firm, a business or a government agency write a little script to guide you through and clearly explain your purpose for calling. 

Let’s say you are not familiar with a staffing firm you are calling: “Good Morning. My name is Jennifer. I was wondering if someone is available to speak with me about current and future job opportunities.”

Let’s say you are registered with the staffing firm: “Good Morning. This is Jennifer Furst. I am registered with FurstStaffing and am calling in my availability for the week. My experience focuses on Machine Operation, Picking & Packing, some Material Handling…but I am flexible for anything you feel I could do. Preference is on 1st or 2nd shift…but will do 3rd. Do you have anything that matches up with my skills?” 

Let’s say you are not familiar with a business you are calling: “Good Morning. My name is Jennifer Furst. I am interested in learning about employment opportunities with ABC Co. Who should I speak with regarding potential opportunities? Are they available?”

In each of these situations, the person on the other end of the phone will know how to move forward with the conversation from the start. They will not have to play 20 questions. Remember conduct yourself  professionally and you will stand out more than someone who is unprepared.

If you have any questions or any topics you would like to learn about or discuss, please email heretohelp@furststaff.com


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