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Support High Speed Rail Service between Chicago & Dubuque
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It is the mission of the Northwest Illinois Blackhawk Express to bring rail service to our region, providing a route connecting Dubuque and Chicago with stops in Galena, Freeport, Rockford and Belvidere.
With Amtrak rail, our region would have the ability to:
• Provide safe, efficient options for transportation
• Build a foundation for economic competitiveness
• Support interconnected, livable communities within a region
• Offer alternative inter-city transportation that is among the cleanest and most energy-efficient transportation modes.
The availability of funding through the State of Illinois Capital Program and federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the expansion of Amtrak presents a feasible and timely opportunity for our region. Never have we been this close to receiving federal and state legislative support and funding to bring inter-city rail transportation to our region.
Become involved today! How? Sign the petition http://tiny.cc/dUnth to show your support as we take our combined voice to our elected officials and show the regional strength and support for bringing Amtrak here. http://tiny.cc/dUnth and http://www.BringRail.com


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